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Our ambient juices are a convenient way to make sure you always have a healthy drink in the cupboard. Here’s some more information to motivate and inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle.

Health and Nutrition Articles

  • Encouraging Children to Eat More Fruit

    Useful tips from Del Monte's social fans.

  • Five Useful Diet & Lifestyle Tips

    Simple steps to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Speedy Craft Gifts for Mother’s Day

    Some speedy and unique hand made gift ideas for Mother's Day.

  • The importance of ‘me time’ and how to get it

    The importance of making time for yourself each day.

  • Beat the Winter Months

    Keep going through winter and you will feel the results when summer comes around.

  • 5 Tips for a Healthier Diet

    A few simple diet ideas to help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Ideas on how to make your  Bonfire party go with a bang!

    Turn even the coldest, wettest night into an adventure.

  • Exercising without the cost of gym membership

    How to keep fit without paying expensive gym fees.

  • Get Motivated

    A few tips to help you find your motivation.

  • Del Monte Winter Eating

    Some simple, but healthy ways of eating through the chillier months.

  • Time Saving Workouts - No Excuses!

    How to get fit and lose weight without taking hours out of your day.

  • Healthy Packed Lunch Ideas

    Useful tips to help with the morning rush.

  • Del Monte Healthy Summer Eating

    Nutritional swaps could make all the difference to your summer waistline.

  • Start the Day the Right Way

    Breakfast ideas to keep you fuller for longer.

  • Plate Watchers

    We asked how people in the UK watch their weight.

  • Coming Soon

    More health and nutrition articles coming soon.

Our Contributers

  • Juliette Grove

    Juliette Grove

    Nutritional Therapist

    Juliette has a nutritional diploma, is an associate of an award winning holistic retreat and has a variety of private clients as well as working closely with schools in Somerset.

    Visit Juliette’s website

  • Bronwen Roll

    Bronwen Roll

    Party Planning Expert

    Bronwen has over twelve years’ experience in event planning; from fundraising dinners through to global conferences and award ceremonies, working with household brands and well-known charities.

    Visit Bronwen’s website

  • Nicky Clements

    Nicky Clements

    Personal Trainer

    Nicky is a qualified level 3 personal trainer specialising in Ante Natal and Post Natal exercise and runs a specialist course “Mums on the Move”.

    Visit Nicky’s website

  • Kate Smith

    Kate Smith

    Crafts Expert

    Kate is the founder of The Makery in Bath, which provides craft workshops, parties and materials. She is the author of two books and regularly contributes to sewing and craft publications.

    Visit The Makery website

  • Robyn Bateman

    Robyn Bateman

    Journalist and Mummy Blogger

    Robyn worked as a newspaper journalist for eight years and now works in multimedia. Mum to ‘Irish twins’ aged six months and 17 months, she’s currently on maternity leave but soon to return to work at The Open University.

    Visit Robyn's blog


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